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Flat Fee Court Appearances by Attorney

If you find yourself in the situation where everything has been filed but full settlement is just not possible and you don’t want to go to court alone, the attorneys at Sibus Law Group, APC, can handle court appearances on your behalf for an affordable flat fee.

Filing Paperwork and Getting Court Approval

It can be intimidating to appear before a judge on your own. The strict policies for filing paperwork with the court can be confusing. In these cases, an attorney on your side can help you get what you need.

Our lawyers can help file paperwork, such as child custody agreements, and appear before a judge for a divorce. It may not be necessary to have an attorney handle all the details of your family law matter, but ensuring your case is handled correctly in both the courtroom and with your court-filed documents can save you significant time and expense down the line.

Connect With Us

To find out more about our court appearance services, connect with our lawyers. Call (858)-522-9782 or text (858)-717-8040. You may also schedule a meeting online. We represent people in San Diego, California.