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Flat Fee Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are some of the most misunderstood legal documents. Many people think that these types of agreements are only for the wealthy or for those who are convinced that their marriage won’t last. It is better to think of these tools as a type of insurance policy. You hope you will never have to rely on them, but they will protect your assets should the unthinkable occur.

At Sibus Law Group, APC, our attorneys help draft or review prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, for an affordable flat fee. Call our law offices in San Diego at (858)-522-9782 to schedule a session.

Tailoring an Agreement Designed to Fit

Everyone is different. As such, every prenup or postnup should be different as well. While there are any number of “canned” forms available, none of them reflect the unique needs of the people who are entering into these legally binding contracts.

Our lawyers will take the time to review all of the assets involved. We will also listen closely to your needs and wants. Once we have discussed everything you wish to accomplish, we can help create a customized agreement or review with you an agreement that has been presented, working toward one that is designed to help you achieve your goals.

Schedule a Meeting With Us

To schedule a prenuptial agreement session, connect with our lawyers. Call (858)-522-9782 or text (858)-717-8040. You may also schedule a meeting online. We represent people in San Diego, California.