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The name of our firm, Sibus (pronounced See-buhs), is Latin for starting over. With our dedicated team of attorneys, legal engineers, and assistants on your side, you can overcome challenging circumstances, move forward with your life, and find your new beginning.

We combine legal knowledge with creativity to find solutions to your problems. Whether you need help ending a marriage (or domestic partnership), dividing property, creating or modifying custody arrangements, getting child or spousal support, or enforcing or modifying family court orders, our team works to get the best possible result for you and your family.

We start all legal matters with negotiation or mediation to find common ground and try to find a solution without going to court. But, if that doesn't work, we have the knowledge and resources to assert your position and defend your rights in the courtroom.

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Dedicated Legal Counsel You Can Trust

At Sibus Law Group, APC, we know the typical law firm model no longer works for everyone and we decided to do something about it. We reviewed common law firm processes and procedures to eliminate what wasn't working for clients, such as complex fee agreements, lack of communication, and expensive services that no one wanted or requested.

We continually streamline our processes, prepare plain language documents when possible, respond to clients promptly and offer flat fees for all our legal services. We provide the legal help you need to reduce the amount of time you spend worrying about legal bills and legal problems.

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To learn more about our legal services, including flat fee legal representation, call us at 858-522-9782 or text us at 858-717-8040. You may also Schedule a Legal Advice and Strategy Session through this website .

We offer the first 1-hour Legal Advice and Strategy Session for a reduced flat-fee price of $100 (a 1-hour session with an attorney is usually $300). Rather than providing a "free consultation" like some firms (where you just meet the attorney and learn all about the firm), we jump right into providing valuable Legal Advice and Strategy Session helping you find a solution that meets your needs during our first meeting together.

During the first session, you will meet with an attorney to discuss your legal issues, get legal advice and questions answered, and develop a strategy moving forward. Sibus is here to help!

To book your session online (click "Schedule a Legal Advice and Strategy Session"), and you will be directed to our online scheduling system.

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