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Dedicated Family Law Services

At Sibus Law Group, APC, our attorneys are committed to helping you successfully resolve your family law issues. When you come to our law offices in San Diego, we will take the time to listen, discuss your options and develop a strategy moving forward. Our goal is to help you understand your options and find a solution that meets your needs.

Skilled Legal Help

Our lawyers handle a wide range of family law matters. In all situations, we provide a flat fee structure so there are no unpleasant billing surprises. Our legal practice includes:
Divorce and Legal Separation: If you are seeking a divorce or a legal separation, we will help guide you through each step of the process, protect your interests and will work hard to resolve any contentious issues.
Mediation: Litigating family law issues in court can be expensive and frustrating. Mediation enables you and your spouse to decide matters on your terms, avoiding the bruising battles of an adversarial court process. We can let you know whether mediation is the right option for you.
Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions: If your case does not require comprehensive legal representation, we can still provide you with the expertise to find creative solutions to your problems.
Post-Judgment Actions: When the circumstances of your life have changed, it may be necessary to modify certain terms of your divorce agreement such as child or spousal support payments and child custody.
Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements: In California, marriages are guided by a set of rules that you may not have known when you entered into happily ever after. Setting out the financial rules of your marriage, even if they are similar to the pre-set rules, is essential to a strong partnership. A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can set up the rules of your marriage and ensure that you will remain protected should the unthinkable ever occur.
Child Custody and Support: Establishing a plan can open the door to asserting parental rights regarding custody, visitation and support.
Court Appearances: Courtroom procedures can be intimidating to even the most prepared layperson and experienced attorneys are better equipped to respond to surprises in the courtroom. Let us handle court appearances on your behalf for a flat fee.

Contact Us to Find Out How We Can Help You

If you are going through a divorce or need help with another family law matter, connect with us. Call or text (858) 717-8040. You may also schedule a meeting online. We represent people in the County of San Diego, California.