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Flat Fee Post-Judgment Actions

The decisions regarding custody, support, and property often do not end with the final order by a judge. You may need to go back to court to modify or enforce orders, which are referred to as post-judgment actions.

We handle the following post-judgment actions:

  • Custody and Visitation Modification If there is a change in circumstances, one parent may need to ask the Court to change (modify) physical or legal custody, the visitation schedule, or the primary residence of the children (a “move away” case).
  • Child Relocation If the custodial parent needs to move out of the county for a job or family support, he or she must ask the Court to determine whether it is in the best interest of the children to move (relocate) with the custodial parent. The process for the Court to make a decision is long and difficult, so it’s better to inform the other parent and the Court of the impending move as soon as possible.
  • Child or Spousal Support Arrears If the party ordered to pay child or spousal support gets behind in his or her payments (or stops paying support entirely), the party receiving support will need to ask the Court to collect the money owed to him or her.
  • Transfer of Property If a party is ordered to transfer title of property, such as the title to a car or house, but fails to do so, then the Court will use its power to force the transfer.
If you need to modify or enforce a court order for custody, support, or property transfer, then contact us today Sibus is here to help!

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